Tuesday, May 23rdat18:57 Morrisville was alerted to a tractor fire located at 3555 Eaton Road at the Morrisville State College barn. Rick Gorton-240 responded to the scene and reported fully involved tractor fire with no exposures. Other responding units wereChuck Ammon-2401 Engine 242 with the crew ofBrian Jenkins-2402, Lieutenant S.Ginney, Lieutenant C.Ammon, EMS Captain M.Bischoff, FF T.Degone, FF P.Schroeder, FF L.Custer. Other responding units were Tanker 246 crewed byFF J.Twiss, FF P.AmmonRescue 248 crewed byFF J.Hawk, FF C.Lloyd.

March 6, 2018 Morrisville Fire was called Mutual Aid to Eaton for a reported basement fire. Morrisville and Eaton had a full response. Other surrounding agencies responding were; Hamilton with196 ,195 RIT. Earlville 153, and156. Erieville 176. Georgetown 186. Smithfield 316. Munnsville 251. Madison 232, 236, 2361. SEVAC 712. Cazenovia responded to Morrisville's station.

Thursday, June 1st at 10:10 Morrisville was alerted automatic mutual aid to a structure fire in Smithfield fire district located at 5888 Buyea Road. Responding units from Morrisville were Engine 242 with the crew of FF J.Hawk, EMS Captain M.Bischoff, Lieutenant R.Miller, FF S.Holbert Jr., FF C.Lloyd they assisted with the extinguishment of the fire. Tanker 246 responded crewed by Captain T.Szewczyk. A second request for engine 241 to respond to a fill site on Buyea Road was crewed by FF G.Marriam, FF D.Hennington, Lieutenant C.Ammon. Assistant Chief Brian Jenkins-2402 responded as well.

Morrisville   Fire

 May 4th at 16:16 Morrisville was alerted for a reported structure fire at 5148 Hillside Drive. Automatic mutual aid was alerted from Eaton and Smithfield fire districts. Chief Rick Gorton-240arrived and reported active chimney fire with no extension and requested mutual aid remain in their stations on standby. Truck 247 responded with Captain M. Bischoff, FF J.Burrell, FF P.Schroeder, FF T.Degone, and Assistant Chief from Eaton K.Riedl-1601 Also responding was Engine 241 withLieutenant R.Miller, Lieutenant S.Ginney, FF K.Rounds, FF C.Lloyd Assistant Chief Brian Jenkins-2402. The fire was extinguished with no damage to the house confined to the chimney. 

At8:04 March,27th  the Earlville fire department was dispatched to a reported working house fire on River Rd. Morrisville was called mutual aid for a RIT team,247responded with a full crew. With conflicting reports of the possibility of occupants inside the crew from Hamilton 195 conducted a search of the 1st floor. It was then deemed all occupants were indeed accounted for. Other units from Morrisville Fire Department responding wasChief Rick Gorton-240, Chuck Ammon-2401, Brian Jenkins-2402. 3 dogs were reported to be left inside, saving them wasRick Gorton, Brian Jenkins, as well as R. Riggall. The dogs were taken to a local animal shelter and have since been released.

January 1, 2018, at 10:44 am Morrisville Fire was called Mutual Aid to Eaton for a reported structure fire. Eaton 260 was first on scene and reported a confirmed structure fire, and requested a full response from Morrisville. Morrisville responded with trucks: (241, 242, 246, 247, 248) with a crew of 27 from Morrisville's Department. With temperatures reaching below  0 and with a windchill of between negative 20-30 degrees. Additional Mutual Aid was called for Hamilton, Madison, Earlville, Georgetown. Additionally departments from: Erieville and Munnsville were on standby at Eaton and Morrisville Fire Departments stations. 

May 6, 2018 at 1814 hours Morrisville Fire was called responded to the address of 5107 Rt.20 just west of the village were a doublewide trailer was reported for smoke conditions. 2401 Assistant Chief Rick Gorton arrived on scene and reported smoke visible and working fire. Fire departments assisting with this call were Eaton Fire with a tanker and engine, Munnsville responded for RIT team, Smithfield also responded with a tanker. Fire was knocked down quickly with extensive overhaul

Thursday, June 22nd at 07:42 Morrisville was dispatched as mutual aid to Eaton Fire for a barn fire located at the corner of Cary Road and River Road in the Eaton fire district. Engine 242 crewed by Captain Szewczyk, Assistant Chief Jenkins-2402 FF M. Green, FF T. Szewczyk, FF C. Szewczyk, FF C. Lloyd and tanker 246 crewed by FF G. Marriam and FF D. Holbert responded

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